Monday, April 28, 2008

Welcome Tonic

Please welcome my son Tonic. He came to live with me on Sunday. His full name is Long Creek Tonic and he was born in Tobaccoville, NC on 17 January 2002. Most recently he's been living with a cool lady named Cheryl at her kennel called Wild Rose Jack Russell Terriers in Wedgefield, SC:

Cheryl retired Tonic and very kindly re-homed him with us here in New York. He seems excited to see me after all this time and I'm doing everything I can to make him feel at home here in the city.


Sueboo said...

Dear Chat, Congratulations on being united with your long lost son! What a treat for you! Have fun enjoying NYC, horse country and vacations with your son and dads!

Anonymous said...

Tonic looks ferocious! Let's make them some peanut butter puppy snacks.

J said...

I love the idea. I suspect you have a great recipe!

Zaydoun said...

Hi Chat & Tonic (hey that sounds like a new cocktail!) You're both very lucky to have 2 wonderful and caring dads

I hope to meet to you meet you when I come to NYC end of the summer!