Friday, July 22, 2011

Visit to Tryon

We went for our third summer to Tryon, NC. We mostly sniff around, catch ticks and fleas, and stay cool at the lake. Here are some pictures:

Staying comfortable on the car ride.

Chat scouting the lake for bream and catfish.

Tonic gettin' some lovin' on the beach.

Chat trying to stay cool and take some sun.

Tonic tired and making himself at home in the luggage.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot find your email but we have had the exact doubles of your pups. Ours have passed this year and searching for a replacement we stumbled on your blog. I want to send you photos of our girls Willow Springs kennel. They are duplicates of your dogs. I havent stopped watching your videos! I hope I can find your email. This is a junk email but we just adopted a dog from Becky and Rick 2 weeks ago. I hope you will respond. < our first ever JRT we adopted Destiny.

Chris from PA